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Madrid – Callos and cider from Asturias 4 de octubre de 2011

Last night, my aunt Merche (who had not been in Spain for a while) had a whim and wanted to eat typical ‘callos’ from Madrid (pieces of calf tripe cooked with chorizo, cayenne pepper, tomato sauce and spices) and my father and I went out with her to please her. We had been told there where some streets near ‘El Retiro’ park, at right angles to Menéndez Pelayo Street, where there were a lot of bars and restaurants, and all good, so there we went.

After we walked through Ibiza and Menorca streets, we rested on the last one because we saw a bar that seemed really good. It was the Carlos Tartiere restaurant  (Menorca, 35, Madrid) (Metro: Ibiza). We didn’t regret it at all. Everything we ordered was so good: the Galician octopus, the green peppers, the cider and, of course, the ‘callos’. Im not exactly a fan, but my companions said they were the best madrilenian callos they had tasted in a while. And they like good food, so I trust them.
For me, the best thing was the sparkling cider. I wasn’t too sure about it because I usually like better normal Asturian cider, but this one surprised me. And I loved the octopus.
So, if you are in Madrid and you feel like having a good tyipical dinner, from the north of Spain or from the capital itself, go to Menorca Street and you will have a very good one and for a very good prize.
I leave you an example:

Typical Madrilenian callos

sidra glass

Cider glass with the bar's address

Spanish food for a very good prize

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